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Quality Discount Pageant Crowns, Pageant Tiaras, Crown Pins, Rodeo Hat Crowns, Accessories, Gold Crowns and Tiaras, pre-made sashes and custom embroidered pageant sashes are a few of the incredible products you will find at Tiara Connection. Allow us to assist you in preparing a successful pageant event! As a Tiara Connection customer, you can expect quality customer service, FREE BONUS items, UNBEATABLE Prices, and a fabulous selection of beautifully designed pageant products. Our selection is always expanding. Be sure to check back often to view our beautiful style additions.

PRODUCTS: Most of our tiaras and crowns are made of metal and rhinestones.  The only exceptions are KINGPCGOLD & KINGPCSILVER.  These are newly added king crown styles that were added due to numerous requests for an UNDER $5 king crown option.   Please find the description for each item on the style display page. You can access that page by clicking on the style's display photo.


Tiara Connection's collections have expanded to include gorgeous bridal tiaras, flower girl crowns and tiaras and an array of other accessories that will add that special touch for wedding events! We have are also increasing our collection of quinceanera tiaras and crowns and attendant accessories. Furthermore, Tiara Connection® is dedicated to providing inexpensive, quality king crowns, hard plastic photo protectors, crown and tiara display cases, crown clips, and crown gifts and jewelry.

Order beautiful custom embroidered sashes or make your own with our blank pre-made deluxe sash!

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    crown necklace tribute to Frozen Queen Elsa tiara and original style TC09-28554GOLD heart crown FT09-510AD
    Crown Charm NecklaceTC09-28554GOLDBLUESTONE (Tiara with Side Combs)FT09-510AD Adjustable Band Crown

    Purchase 6 of this

    style at just $2.75 ea

    TC09-28554GOLDBLUESTONE (Height  2.5")

    tiara with side combs and blue center gem


    Adjustable Pageant Crown

    FT09-510 (Ht. 5.5")

    SALE PRICE:  $39.50







    satin sash bag tiara Gold Miss America Replica Crown
    Silver Satin Sash and Mini Crown or Small Tiara ToteTC09-28546AD Adjustable Band CrownTC7BGOLD Full Miss America Inspired Gold Crown

    Silver Satin Pouch

    with crown embellishment

    (Ht. 2.25" band stretches to appr. 7.35" diameter)

    Purchase 12 or more of this

    style at just $10.25 ea

    (2.5" height

    4.15" Base Diameter

    6.5" Top Diameter)

    SALE PRICE:  $42.49






    full round pageant crown Tall round pageant crown satin sash bag
    TRF00076ABMBUSAM Full CrownTRFMARQ5 Full CrownWhite Organza Sash Tote

    (2.25" height -4.5" base diameter)



    (5.75" height - 8.25" top diameter

    5.25" base diameter)

    SALE PRICE:  $62.50


    White Organza Sash Tote

    with crown embellishment






    cowboy hat crown cowboy hat crown rodeo tiara
    TRFMCTCRO Adjustable (Lg Band/Rodeo) CrownTRT37RO Adjustable (Lg Band/Rodeo) CrownTRW192RO - Rodeo Tiara Elastic Banding

     (Ht. 3", width 9" - Band Stretches to 10" diameter)



     (Ht. 3", width 8.25" - Band Stretches to 10" diameter)



    2.2" in height - 7.95" in width




    Miss America Replica Crown Miss America Replica Crown TRT37 tiara with side combs
    TC7B Full Miss America Inspired Replica CrownTC72B Full Miss America Inspired Replica CrownTRT37FR (Tiara with Side Combs)

    (2.5" height

    4.15" Base Diameter

    6.5" Top Diameter)

    SALE PRICE:  $39.95

    (2.25" height 5.15" Base Diameter 6.75" Top Diameter)

    BUNDLE SAVINGS Rate - As low as $32.95!

    (Ht. 3" - below base fringe - 1.5" width 8.25")

    Purchase 3 or more of

    this style at just $27.95 ea







    elegant tiara director's checklist Hard Plastic Photo Protector
    TRT11 Tiara with side combsFREE Pageant Banner Backgrounds Collection 1Hard Plastic Photo Protector 8.5 x 11

     (Height 2.15" Width 7")

    Exclusively at Tiara Connection!

    FREE Glitz n Glitter Graphics

    Banner Backgrounds.

    Hard Plastic Top Loader Document and Photo Protector

    as low as $1.99 ea




    Economy Sash Example tiara small pageant crowns
    Economy Custom Embroidered SashTR7072 TiaraCRW0065 Small Full Crown

    Custom Embroidered Ribbon Sash

    Please click on the "Options" button

    below to view details regarding

    turn-around time, sizing, colors,



    Stone Portion width - appr. 7.25"


    Affordable Full

    Pageant Crown

    (1.5" height - 4.35" diameter)




    TRW15 Tiara with Side Combs

     (Height 2")


    1 - 22 of 22 items

    What sets Tiara Connection apart?  We carry original designs, offer free supplies to pageant directors, donate a portion of each crown and tiara sale to a charitable organization and continue to create unique products to add to our store front.  Whether you're looking for tiaras and crowns for pageants, fun gift ideas, sashes and crowns for prom, or dazzling items to add sparkle to any occasion, you've come to the right place!