Crowns Under 5" in height

 The selection of styles below have adjustable bands.  This type of banding closes in the back.  The diameter size can be adjusted by moving a metal slider.  If you prefer side combs, please check out our collection of tiaras.  Please be sure to click on the display photo to view a style's individual page.  We often have photos displaying the photo at different angles and/or on a model.  We also include related items in a lower panel.

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heart tiara heart tiara
TR300ADPS (Adjustable Band Crown)TR301ADLB (XL Adjustable Band Crown)

 (Ht. 4" - Adjustable Band")




 (Ht. 4" - diameter stretches to at least 10")

-NOT ideal for Rodeo Hat because style is angled.






Tiara cowboy hat crown
TRRFMCTCBAD (Tiara with Adjustable Band)TRRFMCTCROGOLD Adjustable (XL Band/Rodeo) Crown

(Ht. 4" Wdth 9")


 (Ht. 3", width 9" - Band Stretches to 10" diameter)





TRT37 adjustable band crowns gold rodeo crown
TRT37AD (Adjustable Band Crown)TR304GOLDRO - Adjustable Band (XL Band/Rodeo) Crown

(Ht. 3.5"  width 8.25")

Purchase 3 or more of

this style at just $28.95 ea


(Ht. 3.25" band stretches to appr. 10" diameter)

Purchase 6 or more of

this style at just $16.95 ea!




Miss America Replica Rodeo Crown Adjustable Pageant Crown
TR7BRO (Adj. Crown) XL Band/RodeoTRFMCAD Adjustable Band Crown

TR7BRO (Ht. 2" - Band Stretches to Appr. 10" diameter)


(Ht. 3.65" - width 8")




cowboy hat crown Star Rodeo Crown
TRRFMCTCRO Adjustable (XL Band/Rodeo) CrownStarRWBRO Adjustable Crown (XL Band/Rodeo)

 (Ht. 3", width 9" - Band Stretches to 10" diameter)



(Ht. 3.75" - Band Stretches to at least 10" in Diameter)




Adjustable Band crown and rodeo queen crown
TC09-28231AD Adjustable Band Crown

(Ht. 3.25")

Adjustable Band Crown-

Band stretches to appr. 7.25" diameter




1 - 11 of 11 items