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This page will be updated continually to offer the most helpful resources and supplies to assist directors in producing successful and memorable events!

Pageant directors are the unsung heroes of the pageant industry.  No one can really identify with the sheer amount of work, attention to detail, and stress management involved in directing a pageant unless one has done so.  Pageant entry fees, ticket and ad sales and any other additional funds collected may make it seem as though directors are raking in the cash hand over fist.  The truth of the matter is that there are so many "behind the scenes" expenses that most directors are fortunate to break even.  Our online shop operator, Kirsten Hancock, is a seasoned pageant contestant and director.  With her assistance and information gathered from other directors and pageant volunteers, we are pleased to be able to offer this resource page to pageant directors with our thanks and paramount kudos for their hard work.

Add a FREE Checklist and/or Crown Selection Guide to your order!  Limit:  1 per order.


We also recommend the affordable products below as options to make sure no contestant walks away from your pageant empty handed and to assist with promoting your pageant at very little cost. 


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1st Place RibbonParticipant Ribbon

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crown selection guide director's checklist
FREE Pageant Crown Selection and Definition GuideFREE Pageant Director's Checklist

Guide for selecting a crown or tiara for your pageant.

Limit: 1 per order

Use this guide to help you plan an

organized, quality pageant. Limit: 1 per order



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Super Star RibbonCopy of Pageant Emporium Digest

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Pageant Emporium Digest Basic Listing
Pageant Emporium Digest Basic Listing

Don't miss out on being included in a great pageant publication! The Basic Listing is $5. Basic Resource Directory Listing: Includes: Company Name: Company Site or Phone Number Resource Directory FEATURED LISTING ($10): BOLDED TEXT Includes:...


1 - 7 of 7 items

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