tribute to Frozen Queen Elsa tiara and original style TC09-28554GOLD
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TC09-28554GOLDBLUESTONE (Height  2.5")


Tiara with side combs

*Gold plated

 Gold plated metal tiara set with beautiful crystal stones

This tiara was created as an adjusted version of TC09-28554GOLD.   We've been carrying the T0C9-28554 style since 2009.  The TC09-28554a style has also been offered as a variation.  It has always been a popular style, but sales started to skyrocket when Disney released its 2013 hit, Frozen.  Customers began to notice the similarities in our style and the tiara that is worn by the Queen Elsa character.  We often do "touch of color" orders, and we started to receive requests for the center stone to be changed to a aqua or blue gem. 

Due to the increase in demand for this style, we have created an adjusted version with the touch of color in the center.  We've also increased the center gem size and have removed two of the side shapes.  Our adjusted tiara is a fusion style that is a tribute to both the original TC09-28554GOLD (and TC09-28554a) tiara and the beloved Queen Elsa "Frozen" tiara.



  • Item #: TC09-28554GOLDBLUESTONE

TC09-28554GOLDBLUESTONE (Tiara with Side Combs)

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